Inheritance Law

I would be pleased to advise you fully in the area of inheritance law and in the preparation of an orderly asset succession. This includes the notarisation of wills, contracts of inheritance and other testamentary dispositions. In addition, I also accompany transfers of assets during your lifetime (the so-called “anticipated succession”). This should help you to ensure an orderly transfer of your assets and avoid disputes between the surviving dependants.

In many cases, legal succession does not match personal preference and suitability. Who should inherit, how much should be inherited and when? In a personal counselling interview, we will discuss your personal ideas together and combine them with the current legal situation in order to achieve a satisfying result for you.

Especially in this area my clients approach me with very personal matters and the following questions:

  • How do I protect my family and, if necessary, my company?
  • What happens if I have an accident or become ill?
  • How can I make my will or do I need a contract of inheritance?
  • What do I have to consider if I live abroad, which law of succession applies then? (Keyword “Mallorca pensioner”)
  • Who is heir and what is a legacy?
  • How can one “reduce” a compulsory portion?
  • How do I make a lifetime gift to children or others?
  • How do you separate a community of heirs?
  • What should be considered after death?

To these questions I work out solutions for my clients that are perfectly tuned to their individual life situations.

  • Full powers of attorney, preventive powers of attorney and living wills,
  • Tailor-made entrepreneurial wills, wills for private individuals and contracts of Inheritance also taking into account the current European law of succession (keyword: appropriate choice of law),
  • Legally and tax-optimised lifetime gifts as part of anticipated succession,
  • Drafting of inheritance distribution agreements and fulfilment of bequests
  • as well as the notarisation of inheritance certificates and rashes.