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As a notary and lawyer in Frankfurt’s Westend, I will accompany and advise you in both business and private matters. What specific services does a notary provide?

As an independent holder of a public office, a notary certifies contracts and declarations of intent in areas such as company and inheritance law as well as real estate and family law. In doing so, the notary is obliged to maintain strict impartiality towards the parties to the contract. Contrary to widespread opinion, however, the notary is by no means merely a “reader” who merely puts his stamp under a document. Rather, the notarial activity requires the elaboration of competent solutions and the drafting of complex contracts. This is always done taking into account the individual situation and the ideas of all parties involved in a deed. In this context, everyone’s trust in the notary is the most important prerequisite for fruitful cooperation.

Trust arises from competence, reliability and empathy for people.

However, trust requires not only a naturally professional approach to legal issues but also creative, sympathetic and emphatic advice and solution-finding.

Our office is located in the heart of Frankfurt, where I am available to you as a notary and lawyer. It is in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition centre and the Bockenheimer Warte. Please feel free to contact us and arrange a non-binding initial meeting.

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