Real Estate Law

Tailor-made contracts

Real estate and property law regulates in particular the acquisition and sale, administration, encumbrance or auction of land and property. Legal issues in this context are usually complex and involve large assets. Therefore, good legal assistance is indispensable, protects you from potential loss of value and ensures that you are equipped with the rights to which you are entitled.

Whether it is your own home, commercial real estate trading or property development contracts; in the area of real estate law I offer you the tailor-made drafting of the necessary contracts, their notarisation and the prompt subsequent handling with authorities, banks and the land registry. This includes among others:
  • Purchase and sale of condominiums, houses, land and commercial real estate
  • Establishment and division of residential property
  • Encumbrance of real estate with land charges, mortgages, real charges and easements
  • Establishment of heritable building rights
  • Drafting of property development contracts
  • Donation of real estate with corresponding rights of recovery (“land transfer agreement”)