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As a notary and lawyer specialising in corporate and tax law, I offer you comprehensive and competent advice based on many years of expertise. I assist both private individuals and companies in matters such as incorporations, dissolutions, corporate actions and the drafting of purchase and assignment agreements in line with requirements.

Particularly in view of the highly dynamic nature of commercial and corporate law, decisions taken have a strong impact on the company’s future options for action. As a result, these decisions also have a direct influence on the success of the company. I will be happy to advise you, taking into account all relevant aspects. This includes both the legal and the entrepreneurial perspective. In this way, together we can achieve the best possible result for you and your company.

My services in commercial and corporate law

I work with you on the following topics, individually adapted to your situation:

  • Formation and dissolution of companies of all legal forms
  • Drafting of articles of association and amendments to articles of association
  • Purchase and sale of the entire company by asset deal or share deal
  • Drafting participation agreements with strategic or financial investors
  • Transformation of companies through mergers, changes of legal form, splits and spin-offs
  • Legal structuring of corporate financing through capital increases and/or reductions
  • Formation of silent partnerships and shareholder loans in cooperation with tax advisors
  • Drawing up control and profit transfer agreements
  • Pledging of shareholdings in companies
  • Taking minutes of general meetings of public limited companies
  • Registrations in connection with the commercial register (appointment/dismissal of managing directors and authorised signatories, relocation of registered offices, lists of shareholders, etc.)

FAQ in the area of corporate law

Entrepreneurs are frequently confronted with the following questions in the area of corporate law:

What has to be considered when buying and selling companies or shares in companies?

There are a number of pitfalls to be aware of, both in terms of corporate law and tax law. Wrong decisions can be very expensive and have undesirable legal as well as tax consequences. For this reason, good and thorough advice is essential.

What options does corporate law offer for the participation of strategic investors, financial investors or even employees?

Participation in a company and its success can be attractive in many ways. You can choose between monetary assets, assets in kind or an equity stake. What is most suitable for your project depends on your company and the parties to be involved. I would be happy to find a suitable solution together with you!

What provisions are required in an investment contract?

The legal framework within which investors on the one hand and founders on the other move is laid down in the so-called participation agreement. It is therefore of enormous importance to draft it thoroughly and to take all eventualities into account.

You can find an overview of the basics of such an investment contract here.
I would be happy to find out together with you what is relevant for your personal participation agreement!

Does my company need a new legal structure?

Over the years, decisions once made may no longer be up-to-date and may stand in the way of your company’s further progress. In this case it is important to take stock of the current situation of your company as well as the legal circumstances. Taking into account all aspects relevant to your company, I will be happy to advise you on restructuring.


Further inquiries

In addition, I am often asked the following questions on the subject of corporate law and commercial law:

  • What needs to be considered when drafting articles of association, taking into account the currently applicable corporate law?
  • Which legal form is the right one for my company?
  • How do recently adopted changes in corporate law affect my company?

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